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Who Is Bellefonte Fire Department?

The Bellefonte Fire Department is a hardworking emergency response agency that protects and serves the residents and visitors of the Bellefonte area. Located in the urban/suburban area near State College, Pennsylvania, it unifies two 100% volunteer fire companies, the Logan Fire Company No. 1 and the Undine Fire Company No. 2 to serve the Bellefonte Borough and sections of Spring, Benner, and Marion Townships.

The BFD protects Bellefonte’s 1.8 square miles as well as 33 square miles of the adjacent townships and an approximate population of 17,657 residents. Approximately 6,457 structures are protected by the BFD and includes single and multi-family dwellings, urban taxpayers, commercial and industrial midrises, historic Victorian mansions, the University Park and Bellefonte Airports, the Centre County Courthouse and government complexes, and sections of Interstates 99 and 80.

The fleet of the BFD consists of three engines, one rescue engine, one heavy rescue, one ladder/tower, one quint, two traffic/utility units, one air cascade trailer, one command/duty chief vehicle, and one special unit.

There are several volunteer opportunities within the Bellefonte Fire Department in which you can participate. Learn more about some of these exciting and specialized programs.

Benefits that our department provides:

Services that our department provides:

Bellefonte Fire Department Apparatus
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Become a Firefighter

As a Bellefonte Fire Department volunteer, you will receive the best fire and rescue training in the state to prepare you for the various calls throughout the Borough. Our volunteer firefighters put their training to work every day, responding to an average of 400 calls a year. As a volunteer first responder, you’ll be in take-charge situations where your decisions can make a difference. We offer an experience that no other volunteer program can match.

You will receive:

We are looking for motivated, passionate, hard-working people to serve an essential community need.

Become a Junior Firefighter

The Bellefonte Fire Department and Youth programs offer experiential learning with hands-on training that encourages leadership, responsibility, and decision-making.

If you are a young person interested in fire and rescue service, it is never too early to start working toward a career as a first responder.  If you want to know how to get started, you have come to the right place.