Logan Fire Company No. 1

The Logan Fire Company is one of two Fire Companies that make up the Bellefonte Fire Department. We provide:

You can find us at 120 E. Howard St. Bellefonte, PA 16823.

We can be reached at 814.355.3100.

You can visit us at

The Logan Fire Company No. 1 is a key component of the Bellefonte Fire Department.

If you are interested in serving your community, you’ve come to the right place. By volunteering, you will enjoy a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and pride in your work. While it is challenging to be a volunteer firefighter, we promise that you will learn new skills, make new friends, and be a part of a great team while making a real difference in people’s lives. If you are looking for an opportunity to learn and build your resume with lifelong transferable skills, please consider joining our team!

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The Logan Fire Company No. 1 is a team of volunteers comprised of your neighbors, your friends and maybe even your relatives.

They’re people just like you – with families, jobs and active lifestyles – who still find time to give back to their community. Logan Fire Company No. 1 offers a friendly environment for you to discover your capabilities and make the most of your volunteer experience.

Established in February 1870, the Logans provide comprehensive fire fighting, extrication, specialized rescue, fire prevention education and emergency medical services assists. Today, approximately 230 individuals are members, with approximately 30 being active. Currently, the Logans have a full complement of apparatus to successfully function as an Engine and Rescue Company.

Benefits that our department provides:

Services that our department provides: